Covid-19: Police warning      over vaccine scam messages

Fraudsters are sending out fake texts offering a Covid vaccine in an attempt to steal personal and financial information.

For full information go to :

Another scam

 Callers waving an official looking badge claim not to be selling anything but performing official follow ups on cavity wall insulation because you are not on the register.

There is no register so send them away.

Coronavirus News Locally

Solent View Medical Practice has received a second batch of the Pfizer vaccine.

Over 2,000 people in the local community have now been vaccinated.

The practice will contact you when you can attend to receive the vaccine. Please do not try booking an appointment, and clogging up the phone lines.


Lee Residents Association

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Welcome to the website for Lee Residents Association, also known as the LRA. 

Lee Residents Association represents the interests of local people, businesses, and runs projects and events to promote the community at large.


Making Lee a better place to live and work.

To support our members we also produce our magazine called the 'Review' which has interesting articles and information to keep you informed and up to date.  See our latest edition by clicking on the 'Review' word below. 

Autumn 2020 Edition 








"Taking the time to build community, to get to know your people will have long-lasting benefits."  Clifton Taulbert

A lovely place to live, what do the locals say?

“The individualistic character and history of Lee on the Solent, with a friendly welcoming neighbourhood.”

- David

“Having the accessibility to the sea and the friendliness of the residents is what I love about Lee on the Solent.”

- Emma

“I feel lucky to live in lee we have so many handy stores and nice places to walk to ”

- Jennifer

“It's like being on holiday all year round; not too far to travel to enjoy the lovely scenery.”

- Joanne

A different aspect of Lee..

Just one aspect of some of the magnificent sunsets that can be seen in Lee.

Feeling stressed, missing the sea then take timeout and listen here!

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Local Pictures by Local People 


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