Event Summary


The redesigned online event went amazingly well as we reached over 3500 households across the UK and the world with locations such as Chicago, Indiana, Long Island, Virginia, Canada, Adelaide, Melbourne Australia, France, Cyprus and Spain listening!


Our live stream lasted 10hrs and I will send you a link to it once we’ve finished some editing.  

For our sponsors, we wanted to ensure exposure during this and there were multiple times during the event when our sponsors image was displayed behind me talking at the opening address which has had in excess of 2.8k views, on screen during intervals between acts and our performers also had sponsors names to mentioned.


We believe that in the circumstances we did as much as we could to get our sponsors brand/name seen. 


Now onto the actual event once we know we can hold it!  Our intention is to deliver over the weekend of the 14-16th August, which will include VJ Day on the 15th; this is entirely dependant on Social Distancing Restrictions and Public Confidence. 

In addition to the event the LEE VE75 team lead by Jonathan Moore has installed new fixing brackets to the buildings in the High Street, Pier Street and some on Manor Way.  These have been designed so that bunting, flags, Christmas trees and lights can fitted.  On Thursday 7th the team fitted over 55 flags and 800m of bunting all ready for the VE Day Celebrations.