Planning Report - July 2022

A public consultation took place on 15th and 16th July in the Hovercraft Museum. A series of Display Boards depicted the various aspects and areas on the 42-acre Waterfront Site.

The Waterfront is the final element to be developed within the Daedalus Site. This new outline vision is to regenerate the Historic areas containing Grade 2 Listed buildings the initial development will focus on business and employment opportunity with the focus toward technology, engineering and innovation. It is hoped to retain and repurpose all the historic buildings by the creation of centres for Small Businesses, Leisure, Community facilities, accommodation for the elderly and provision of c.350 homes – private and affordable. Central to the vision is the creation of a Hovercraft Museum and restoration of First World War Hangars.

Visitors were given a questionnaire to fill in and put their own individual thoughts for the site.

News and upcoming events will be posted on website where detailed information can be viewed. The LRA will also be given a further membership update at Bulson Hall on the 26th October.

The Wickham Hall development has had finalised permission for Wates to proceed along with appropriate housing that will effectively connect new development to the existing post war housing

Building of foundations has commenced on 81 & 82 Marine Parade East for two three-storey, typically glass frontage seafront homes.

Pigeon Central 139-143 Lee’s High Street (former Dry Cleaners), which has been demolished but succeeded in obtaining Planning Permission for a three-storey development, 2 x two-bedroom flats and retail facilities on the ground floor. Despite going to Auction it has yet to sell.

FBC Planning Application for 375 Houses on land off Newgate Lane is to go to appeal. The LRA planning team have submitted objections to this proposal for this appeal. Our main objections are that the development is in the Strategic Gap, it is not included in Fareham’s Local Plan for housing development and the impact it will have on the Local Infrastructure in Peel Common, Bridgemary and the wider roads on and off the Gosport Peninsula.

The planning team will make similar comments to FBC’s housing policy) in their Local Plan (and for GBC’s draft LP) about the impact on the already struggling infrastructure such as Doctors, Schools, and Social Support. Neither will we abate on the still notorious peninsula traffic congestion that remains over capacity at peak times. What is particularly relevant is that the new Newgate Lane and Stubbington Bypass were improvements built to alleviate current traffic congestion and were specifically designed as single carriageway routes without new access points.

A consultation has now been opened by Fareham regarding runway lights as a pre- application. It is open until 19 August. There are details on Fareham website with plans, diagrams etc. I have also read that there is information at the Cafe 05.

The link is below

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