Planning Report Jan 2022

January 2022 Planning Report

1. In the November report we explained our feedback on the first draft of the Gosport Local Plan 2038. Our submissions have been recorded and we have had an online meeting with Gosport’s Planning Policy Lead in January to discuss our submissions. These will go forward together with other respondents, mostly developers’ proposals that typically seek provision for extra housing and at a higher housing density. There will be a further opportunity for comment in a second-round consultation once the amendments are incorporated. We will also be responding at the Planning Inspectorates examination of Fareham’s Local Plan in March, which is the final stage of attaining Planning Inspectorate’s agreement to a new Local Plan. Our interests in the updated Fareham Local Plan are all in an effort to protect the Fareham/Lee/Stubbington Strategic Gap.

Planning Application 21/00373/FULL, 86 High Street. This is a resubmission for the redevelopment of the burnt-out shop behind the hoardings that are within the High Street Conservation Area. There is little change to the prior application of a 3-storey development of flats over the shop extending significantly to the rear. The LRA and GS have objected to the ‘out of character balcony’ facing the High Street. Our original objection has resulted in their being minor revisions and an entry for the flats from the High Street, as opposed to exclusively from the back service way. Nonetheless, the balcony, extent of over-massing and inadequate parking remain inappropriate particularly within the Conservation Area. The LRA and the GS have restated objections and GBC is aware that construction work has started behind the shuttering, despite not yet having gained planning approval.

Planning Approval 21/00492/FULL, 139 – 143 High Street. Approved, on the now cleared site of the former Laundry & Dry-Cleaning shop, the 2.5 storey brick build is under a pitched roof and comprises of 2 x two-bedroom flats and 1 x retail unit. The Planning Team believe it is in line with the High Street locality and a suitable fit within the Conservation Area; significantly more so than any of the previously submitted proposals.

Planning Application 21/00610/FULL, 7 (&5) Pier Street. This proposal seeks a change of use for the Oxfam Charity shop to become a Micro Pub with minor alterations at the rear of the property. The LRA have not raised an objection to these proposed alterations.

Planning Application 21/00588/FULL, 5 (&7) Pier Street. This proposal seeks to convert the upper floor above the shop into a 2-bedroom flat. Again, relatively minor alterations to the rear include skylights and an external staircase to an entry door, but structural alterations to the frontage.

Refusal of 21/00550/FULL, 21 Manor Way. A proposed 2.25M high timber fence to include a set-back gate. The LRA and GS objected to the height of fence which damaged the appearance of the Conservation Area, made even more sensitive as this property is almost opposite the listed Le Breton Farmhouse.

Planning Approval 192 Portsmouth Road, 21/00571/FULL Approved, a third storey on top of “The Square House” with other exterior extensions. This is a resubmission of 21/00170/FULL with little alteration other than revising some of the brickwork finishes that are to be rendered. A number of neighbourhood objections were raised.

Planning Application 21/00607/FULL, 20 Chester Crescent. The proposal is a 2-storey rear and side extension in place of a garage for this B&B property. The neighbours have raised an objection based on overdevelopment and loss of light. Previously this led to a similar proposal being rejected.

Planning Approval 21/00113/OUT, 81-83 Marine Parade East. The demolition of these two derelict and vandalised properties is complete and the site cleared making way for the build of the proposed two replacement properties on a similar footprint but of a typical modern glass frontage ‘sea-front style.’ The application approval was only ‘OUTLINE’ we have yet to see a ‘FULL’ planning application.

A mature Beech tree was felled at 21 Manor Way. This tree was within the Pier Street Conservation Area and its demise did not escape public attention. A prior application for its removal was lodged under application 21/00445/TREE and all the correct processes followed. Gosport’s Arboriculture Officer responded: “I undertook a consultee inspection on 10/09/2021 to determine whether the tree was suitable for protection by TPO. I completed a Tree Evaluation Method For Preservation Orders (TEMPO) assessment on site, which is standard practice for trees within a CA which are the subject of a planning notification for either pruning or removal. The tree scored a total of 7 points falling within the range of 7-11 making it an unsuitable candidate for protection, trees scoring 12 or more points are normally recommended for protection by TPO.”

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