Planning Report - Feb 2022

We have now lodged two submissions for the Planning Inspectorates examination of Fareham’s Local Plan in March and have also arranged to represent these objections at the plenary hearing where Fareham hopes to obtain the Planning Inspectorate’s approval of their updated Local Plan. Our interests in the Fareham Local Plan are all in an effort to protect the Fareham/Lee/Stubbington Strategic Gap and an objection to the housing development for 1250 houses within the strategic gap off Longfield Avenue.

Planning Application 21/00373/FULL, 86 High Street. The burnt-out High Street shop. There has not been a decision for this application. Furthermore, GBC’s conservation Officer has raised concerns with regards to the balcony and the general design of the roof that align with our and the Gosport Society’s (GS) objections. GBC is aware that construction work has started behind the shuttering, despite not yet having gained planning approval.

Planning Approval 21/00492/FULL, 139 – 143 High Street. Approved, on the now cleared site of the former Laundry & Dry-Cleaning shop, the 2.5 storey brick build is under a pitched roof and comprises of 2 x two-bedroom flats and 1 x retail unit. It would be encouraging to see some early move on this unloved site.

Planning Application 21/00610/FULL, 7 (&5) Pier Street. This part of the application to turn the OXFAM shop into micro pub has been approved.

Planning Application 21/00588/FULL, 5 (&7) Pier Street. This proposal seeks to convert the upper floor above the shop (to become a micro pub) into a 2-bedroom flat. Again, relatively minor alterations to the rear include skylights and an external staircase to an entry door, but no structural alterations to the Pier Street frontage.

Refusal of 21/00550/FULL, 21 Manor Way. A proposed 2.25M high timber fence to include a set-back gate. The LRA and GS objected to the height of fence which damaged the appearance of the Conservation Area, made even more sensitive as this property is almost opposite the listed Le Breton Farmhouse.

Planning Application 21/00607/FULL, 20 Chester Crescent. The proposal is a 2-storey rear and side extension in place of a garage for this B&B property. This application has been refused on the grounds that it does not fit in with the streetscene, and would result in unacceptable loss of light.

Planning Approval 21/00113/OUT, 81-83 Marine Parade East. The demolition of these two derelict and vandalised properties is complete and the site cleared making way for the build of the proposed two replacement properties on a similar footprint but of a typical modern glass frontage ‘sea-front style.’ Plans previously submitted in outline submitted have now been approved.

FBC Planning Application P/22/0165/0A 375 Houses off Newgate Lane. We shall be submitting an objection to this application on the grounds that it breeches CS20, CS22, DS1 & DS2 of Fareham’s existing Local plan. This is a speculative planning application and is not part of their 5-year housing plans detailed in the Local Plan to be examined by the Planning Inspectorate in a March planning inquiry. This would further breach the policies that protect the Strategic Gap.

Planning Application 21/00061/FULL, 4 Lakeside. An application to erect a two-storey rear extension and a single storey side extension.

Tree works Applications 22/00059/TPO & 22/00060/TPO by the residents of 36 Chester Crescent and 20 Lancaster Close to tidy up selected limbs of a large Oak Tree (Listed Tree G122) at the back of the properties. Gosport’s Arboriculture Office has reviewed, amended and recommended the degree of selected pruning to tidy up the tree without any detrimental impact on the tree.

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