Dogs in Lee on the Solent

Where can you walk with your dog on and off the lead? As a general rule, dogs must be on a lead;

  • At any cemetery or churchyard

  • At any allotment

  • Along the perimeter of any sports pitch while an organized event is taking place

  • At any Car Parks

Lee On the Solent Beach Between the 1st May – 30th September the “Exclusion of Dogs” part of the Public Space Protection Order comes in to force in the following places;

“Any area of beach between the promenade and low water mark of medium tides” … between “The Easternmost part” of Pirates Cove skate park (formally known as the swimming baths) “to the easternmost end of that part of the promenade known as The Esplanade” Dogs are not allowed on the beach at this time, but they can be walked on the promenade whilst on the lead. AlverValley Country Park In most areas, well behaved dogs are allowed off leads. Dogs must be on a lead at any area within 'The Wild Grounds' that is;

  • designated as a Site for Special Scientific Interest

  • where GBC keep animals

Browndown Point

Dogs are welcome all year round. The beach is a Ministry of Defence owned beach and will, on occasion, be used for training, so if a red flag is raised on your visit, the beach is closed for the day. Please pick up your dogs mess!

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