April Planning Report

Daedalus Waterfront. The big announcement made last week was the Daedalus Development Company consortium working with Homes England as development partners for the regeneration of the remaining waterfront site, as illustrated below.

The press release, appended at the foot of this report, advises that Homes England is working with the Daedalus Development Company. A consortium formed of a number of experienced ‘Development Partners,’ to revitalise the waterfront site including the Hovercraft Museum. Lets’ hope that they embrace the GBC supported vision of a combined transport museum complex formed around Seaplane Square …. and what an attraction it would be if it was linked to the nearby Portsmouth Historic Dockyard attractions by Hovercraft. While detailed plans are yet to be revealed of the combinations of housing, industry and leisure allocations the collaborative approach should help safeguard the listed buildings and the setting of the Daedalus Conservation Area. Let’s hope the efforts of Homes England and GBC for treating the site and its museum as a whole, rather than taking the easy option to sell off piecemeal to developers, who’s focus might otherwise be on the easier profits from high-rise seafront properties. Separately, as it is a Wates development, Wykeham Hall and adjoining houses in King’s Road are expected to be going ahead soon.

Refusal of 21/00550/FULL, 21 Manor Way. Opposite the Le Breton Farmhouse and within the Conservation Area an application for 2.5 metre fence was refused. Nonetheless a normal fence panel on top of two concrete plinths has been erected set back on the slope resulting in a height not far from the proposal that which was refused but with a low wall abutting the pavement. Is this acceptable? The LPA has yet to make a decision.

Planning Application 21/00373/FULL, 86 High Street, the burnt-out shop behind the painted panels. A revised submission has answered some of GBC’s Conservation Officer concerns, but the oversize of this development and inadequate parking also raised by the LRA and GS has not been addressed. Again we are waiting to see if the revised planning application is approved.

Planning Approval 22/004109/FULL, 67a Marine Parade East. Plans for a much higher building with an overpowering glass and balcony frontage were submitted, but withdrawn. Newly submitted plans make some concessions towards meeting the design guidelines although will transform the property into an apex of glass at the front and a high wall of odd fenestration at the back. Again, we are waiting to see if the revised planning application is approved.

Tree Felling Proposal 21/00550/FULL, 26c Manor Way. A proposal to fell a conifer tree in the Pier Street Conservation Area. Before the LPA website went down the original posting of this application did not make sense on the exact location nor did it have any comment by the LPA Arboriculture Officer. Any loss of a tree in this area is unlikely to be acceptable unless it is dangerous or diseased.

Fareham and the Strategic Gap. The planning team have participated in the long-drawn-out and tedious process of attending the examination of Fareham’s proposed 2037 Local Plan. We submitted opposition wherever possible to any proposals to infill the Fareham-Gosport strategic gap. The Planning Inspectorate decision maker is now making site visits and will make a determination if the plans are valid and the LP can be adopted. Meanwhile speculative green field developers are jumping in on the chance to be make proposals to build in the gap.

FBC Planning Application P/22/0165/0A 375 Houses off Newgate Lane. We have submitted an objection to this application on the grounds that it breeches CS20, CS22, DS1 & DS2 of Fareham’s existing Local plan. This is a speculative planning application and is not part of Fareham’ current or draft (2037) housing development plans – this application was mentioned in the examination of the 2037 FBC Local Plan and is yet to be considered by Fareham Borough Council as the area LPA.

Abbreviated Press Announcement & Vision Statement of the Daedalus Development Company.

Homes England has confirmed its development partner for the regeneration of the 42-acre waterfront site at Daedalus, Lee-on-the-Solent as a joint venture between Murray Twohig Development, Orwell Real Estate and Patron Capital, led by Daedalus Development Company. The appointment follows Homes England marketing to find a partner to realise the comprehensive regeneration that will provide an economic boost to the local economy through the creation of new commercial and leisure sector jobs, as well as providing much needed housing while protecting and reinvigorating the collection of historic and listed assets. This new, ambitious vision, designed by master planner ACME Architects, is for a creative regeneration of this historic waterfront site with a targeted, design-led, industrial innovation strategy supported by the local community. Central to the vision is the restoration of the historic buildings, including the First World War hangars that face the Solent. These will act as a catalyst for economic development, a gateway to the project and an upgraded home for The Hovercraft Museum. The goal is to help it become a world-class visitor attraction – joining the rest of Hampshire’s unrivalled Naval and Maritime attractions. This will be supported through the creation of around 450,000 square feet of new, modern employment work and light industrial space to attract new businesses and jobs to the Solent Enterprise Zone. The ambition is for the creation of a complete community, with the provision of c350 private and affordable homes. Alongside the housing and commercial space, new services and facilities will be provided for the local community, including a public park in the residential areas and in Seaplane Square, creating new, attractive places for local residents and visitors. Health, wellbeing and environmental sustainability underpin all elements of the proposals. This unique project requires a depth of knowledge and experience in the creation of successful mixed-use communities and destinations around complex historic buildings and settings. The joint venture team has experience on over 400 million square feet of mixed-use property across the world, and will work in collaboration with the local community, and all stakeholders, including the local authority and Historic England, over the coming years to solve this challenging and historic site.

Jeremy Herring, Homes England said: ”Daedalus Waterfront benefits from being part of the Solent Enterprise Zone, with rich history, heritage buildings and wonderful location opposite the Solent. Daedalus Development Company’s exciting vision for the comprehensive regeneration of the site will create a great place to work, live and visit for the local community.”

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