Newgate Lane, Local Road Improvements and the Strategic Gap   

Updated December 2020

Fareham is consulting on a new Local Plan

Fareham’s new plan intends to build nearly 500 new homes beside the ‘new’ Newgate Lane relief road.  Then in the longer-term Fareham intends to fill the whole area between the new Stubbington By-Pass (its construction has started) and the present limits of the existing housing in Stubbington.

If you live in Lee-on-the-Solent or any area of Gosport and use Newgate Lane and Lower Quay (the A32) or any other route to reach the A27 or M27 read on….

How will it affect you ….and the strategic gap

  • If your work is out of the peninsula or you commute in or out of the area

  • If you are retired and perhaps don’t travel far, but rely on local services


The effect…. to both of these age groups is that your “Quality of Life” will be degraded by Fareham Council’s plans and probably sooner than you think….

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The strategic gap as it is today

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The Stubbington By-Pass

Road users will recognise traffic controls are already in place near the Titchfield Gyratory.  Most of the major works are across the fields between HMS Collingwood and Stubbington although disruptions and traffic controls will be in place where road widening, realignment and new roundabouts are to be introduced where the new bypass connects with the existing roads. 


The contractors are required to minimise the disruptions outside the peak periods; in the mornings until 9:30am and in the afternoons from 3:30pm until 7.00pm, but do expect more controls outside these periods and sometimes overnight.

Further details and updates and updates on the works can be found on the HCC website at: or google search on “HCC Stubbington bypass” should get you to the same website.

 Smart Motorways

The upgrading of the M27 continues from Junction 12 (Portsmouth) to its junction with the M3, this work is to make it a “smart motorway.”  Restrictions, closure and accidents can cause long delays if you don’t have live traffic on your satnavs look at the Highways England information, on line at…

Neither does this revision completely remove the threat from development as there are the speculative bids by land grabbing developers who would love to build either side of the new Newgate Lane but until Fareham's revised local plan is formally 'adopted' (hopefully by late 2021) any such proposals will have to be rejected by Fareham as the authorising Local Planning Authority and most will probably to onto appeal where they will then have to also win the Planning Inspectorates support to be rejected.  There are two similar cases going to the Planning Inspectorate already, the LRA has submitted written objections to the Planning Inspectorate.  Once again it is hoped the National Governments initiative to get more of the hosue building in the North may help influence these decisions

Fareham's revised Local Plan proposal has removed Fareham's intention to build homes beside the Newgate Lane Relief Road and with a "Strategic Growth Area" an area situated entirely within the Strategic Gap.  This is good news for all of us that live in Lee or for anybody using any of the roads that service the Gosport/Lee/Stubbington peninsula.  However, there remains two sub-clauses that are of concern and that the LRA has written an objection about to Fareham Planners and the Planning Inspectorate.  

The first sub clause reserves the right to build on the margins of present urban areas extending into the strategic gaps should the housing requirement go up again.  Hopefully, the recent revision of the housing requirement algorithm announced in December that diverts more of the new housing requirement to brownfield sites and in central and northern England's urban areas rather than in greenfield sites and open space in the south will reduce the risk. The second clause suggests that affordable housing might be OK in the strategic gap, the LRA has ade the case that ANY housing in the strategic/settlement gap is significant and will compromise the whole purpose of the strategic/settlement gap.