History of the Association

From it's beginning 48 years ago, the association has been working hard to provide a service to the community. 

How it started

It was late in 1972 that a founder member, Mike Leopold discovered that developers were intending to submit plans to fill in Elmore Lake behind the Inn-by-the-Sea and build houses on the site.

A small group met, resulting in a steering committee being formed supported by some very influential members who saw the birth of LoSRA in February 1973. The development on Elmore Lake was

successfully stopped and the lake is still there for enjoyment by all.


This was the first success of many in the ensuing years representing residents and improving the environment of Lee-on-the-Solent..


It's time for a review...

Time moves on and as we entered 2020 the committee believed it was time to update the look and feel of how the Association was presented both online with it's new website, which you are seeing now but also with it's newsletter that's produced for the members.


The first edition, Spring 2020 is now ready and available. Due to the Crovid19 national crisis the committee have made the decision that a printed copy will not be produced so this will be presented through the this new website, so giving an opportunity for non-members to see what is offered and provided by the LRA. 

All members with an email address will be sent an update on this and for those without and email have been telephoned . 

We hope you like the our new styling of our newsletter and we look forward to future editions. 


In the early days the Newsletter consisted of two typed pages – how different to now with a professionally produced booklet with ten times as much information


Vision4Lee was formed in 2004, with the purpose of identifying ways to revitalise Lee-on-the-Solent economically and as a vibrant place to live. 


The two association merged in November 2008.


Historically we focused largely on representing residents needs. In the last few years we have expanded our role by providing more events for our members and the community as well as helping enhance public spaces.


The association now has more than 1,400 members and is managed by an annually elected committee