This summarises objections by the LRA, to the Planning Inspectorate, over two developer’s plans to fill the land between the old Newgate Lane and the new Newgate Lane East ‘the relief road’ with housing.

The LRA strongly objected to these housing proposals that both contravene all local authorities’ policies to avoid building in the Strategic and Settlement Gaps as:


  • It would physically and visually shrink the vital Strategic and Settlement Gap between Fareham, Gosport, Lee-on-the-Solent and Stubbington

  • Undo the benefit of the newly opened Newgate Lane relief road and reintroduce significant congestion

  • Damage the local economy of all businesses to the south of the development including the Enterprise Zone

  • Significantly reduce the quality of life of all residents to the south of the development by further restricting their ability to reach main health, economic, social and educational services as well commute to areas of employment

  • Make uncertain the travel time to access to the main travel modes of the UK - Air, Rail, Motorways and Highways

  • Add to the residents who have no option but to pass through the highly polluted Lower Quay Air Quality management area with unavoidable and dangerous exposure risks

  • Place significant and unfunded social, educational and health demands on Gosport Borough Council

  • All these disadvantages will also apply equally to all the residents of these proposed new developments


Community Impact Grounds -  Any development in the Strategic and Settlement Gap between Fareham, Gosport, Lee-on-the-Solent and Stubbington does not qualify as ‘good growth’ and thus not appropriate under National Planning guidance, where development is recommended to be on brownfield sites.  Gosport has an urban density at 72% built, while Fareham’s urban density is only 38% built on. As the development would only have access from the newly constructed road Newgate Lane East which was only built to relieve traffic congestion not add to it.


Cooperation with other local authorities -  No agreements have been made yet it is a requirement that any development that impacts on a neighbouring authority should have “been previously agreed” with “effective and ongoing agreement” on all matters.


Recommendation. That the Planning Inspectorate recognise that the LRA represents over 1000 residents who will all be affected if these proposals are implemented. This is not just a case of losing green space, Gosport is the largest UK town without a rail link.  The peninsula’s traffic congestion is notorious, thus any development on Fareham’s southern border will negate recent road improvements so that the majority of the population will suffer in a resumption of long traffic queues along highly polluted routes.

Any reader is welcome to plagiarise this application, as well as add their own reasons. However as this is just a summary, to be a more valid document the contraventions referred to are listed in the original objections at links 1 & 2 should also be included:




  3. Then submit to the Planning Inspectorate via this link: The link to the appeal submission page is:

  4. It must be submitted by 7 July 2020.