LRA Constitution



1. The name of the Association shall be the Lee-on-the-Solent Residents' Association hereafter referred to as the Association.


2.The Association is a non-profit organisation formed to represent residents, endeavour to improve the environment of Lee-on-the-Solent and make it an even more attractive and thriving place to live, work and visit. In doing this it will:

a.            Ensure consultation with residents on significant matters

b.            Encourage the involvement of residents in its activities and projects


3.            In furtherance of its purpose it may:

a.            Raise funds and invite and receive grants, donations and other contributions

b.            Publish books, periodicals, pamphlets and other materials and hold the intellectual property rights in any such material

c.            Organise meetings and events

d.            Make representation on behalf of members and residents

e.            Cooperate with other organisations and statutory bodies

f.            Do all other such lawful things as will assist in achievement of its purpose


4.            The Association shall be independent of all political parties.


5.            Membership shall be open to all persons living in or interested in Lee-on-the-Solent irrespective of place of residence.

Honorary Membership

6.            The Committee may propose conferring Honorary Membership on any member in recognition of services to the Association.  The granting of Honorary Membership must be approved by members in a General Meeting. Honorary members shall enjoy the same rights and obligations as ordinary members.

Management Committee

7.            The management and control of the Association shall be vested in a committee which shall consist of the following who shall be elected annually at the AGM or, exceptionally, at an EGM:

Officers:  Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to ten Members


8.            The Committee has the authority to co-opt members for the purposes of obtaining additional skills, knowledge or effort and to appoint Officers to fill vacancies.  In order to protect the political independence of the Association, no Local Authority Councillor or member of Parliament shall be a committee member.

9.            Five committee members shall be deemed a quorum. In the event of a tied vote of the Committee, the Chairman or acting chairman shall have an additional casting vote.

10.         The Committee has authority to form and disband sub-committees.

11.         All committee members shall retire at each AGM but be eligible for re-election.

Annual General Meeting / Extraordinary General Meetings

12.         The Annual General Meeting shall be held annually before the end of May.  The Committee may call Extraordinary General Meetings at its discretion.  An EGM may also be requisitioned by 20 members.  Such a requisition must state the reason for the request.  The Committee must arrange for the meeting to be held within a reasonable time of the receipt of the requisition by an Officer of the Committee. 

13.         For an AGM or EGM:

a.            A minimum of fourteen days’ notice shall be given to all members.

b.            Nominations for the committee signed by two members are to be lodged with the Secretary a minimum of seven days before the AGM or EGM.      

c.            Thirty members shall be deemed a quorum.

d.            The Committee may, at its discretion, arrange for members who are unable to be present to vote by proxy.

e.            Non-members may not attend the AGM or EGM, but may attend public meetings by payment of a visitor’s fee, to be determined by the Committee.

f.            Meetings shall be at such times and places as the Committee shall direct.

g.            The Management Committee may invite guests to attend but not vote at an AGM or EGM.

h.            All members shall be entitled to equal voting rights.  In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman or acting chairman shall have the casting vote.


14.         The rate of annual subscription shall be authorised by the AGM and shall be payable on 1st January or at the date of joining if later for a calendar year.  If a member's subscription is unpaid at the end February, membership shall automatically lapse.


15.         At the AGM the Treasurer shall present accounts which have been Independently Examined for approval and an Independent Examiner shall be appointed for the subsequent year.

16.         All monies belonging to the Association must be held in bank accounts in the name of the Association.

17.         In the event of the Association being wound up, a financial statement shall be prepared and reviewed by the Independent Examiner.  Any funds received for specific projects shall either be returned to the body making the grant or given to a charity. The remaining funds shall be given to one or more charities that benefit residents of Lee-on-the-Solent chosen by the Committee.

18.         The Committee does not have authority to borrow money.

19.         The Association shall maintain appropriate insurance.

Constitutional Matters

20.         Any matter not provided for in this constitution shall be dealt with by the Committee in accordance with the requirement of this constitution and whose decisions shall be deemed final.

21.         The Committee shall be the final authority for the interpretation of this constitution.

22.         This constitution may only be altered by resolution at an AGM or EGM, the resolution to be passed by at least a two thirds majority of the members voting at the meeting.

23.         This constitution supersedes any previous constitution or table of rules controlling the Association.

Membership Information

24.         Information relating to members will only be maintained for the purposes of the Association in accordance with current legislation.

Approved at the Annual General Meeting on 26 March 2019