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Autumn 2020 Review edition -

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- Design & Access Statement Accuracy









The picture above was used in the Design & Access Statement as an example of what the property being built could look like.

This picture is what is actually being built.  The grey industrial appearance of this house is nothing like the original Design and Access Statement.

- Council Update

Update from Cllr Philip Raffaelli, Chairman of the Community Board, Gosport Borough Council, re ASB at Beach Road Car Park


  1. We are working with the Community Safety Partnership and have agreement from the police to include Beach Road Car Park on their enhanced patrol routine and they have publicly announced a recent successful operation resulting in a number of warnings and one arrest. (The increased reporting by residents through the police 101 system has been most helpful in this respect, raising the priority afforded these instances of ASB and it was helpful that that service was mentioned in the Newsletter).

  2. GBC Enforcement Officers are mounting a series of operations in the car park to enforce the new Civil Parking Enforcement regulations. The first of these was last week and resulted in a number of drivers being spoken with and advisory notices handed out to them.

  3. The joint Fareham/Gosport Borough Council Environmental Health team have been “put on standby” to respond, 24/7, to any complaints of excess noise. As you know. the EH Officers have the necessary legal powers to prosecute individuals who are causing unacceptable noise. To date, no residents have reported excess noise out of hours and it was unfortunate that this service was not highlighted in the Newsletter.

  4. We have re-programmed the CCTV cameras near the splash park to better cover the Beach Road Car Park and are accessing their efficacy under different light conditions.

  5. The enforcement team leader is reviewing other aspects of the car park layout and security with a view to minimising its misuse.


We have met with residents and are committed to dealing with this unacceptable behaviour which we are resolved to address in partnership with the other Agencies.

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