Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting 2021


Lee Residents Association’s Annual General Meeting, is scheduled for Wednesday 11 August 2021 postponed due to the Covid-19 emergency from April 2020.


This will be the opportunity to elect the new Committee. In the meantime the current Committee and Officers will continue to serve and act in the best interests of the Association.


We will continue to keep our members updated on this matter on this website and via Facebook.


Alison Collett

Lee Residents Association Secretary

and talk their councillor face to face and these take place on a regular basis.

2019 Accounts

2019 Accounts

Balance Sheet

                                  LRALee           VE75                  Total


HSBC Current Account £2,779.65       -£74.30             £2,705.35

HSBC Savings Account £2,165.32       £5,621.89        £7,787.21


Nationwide Savings

Account                       £11,205.97                             £11,205.97

Cash in Hand               £173.50                                  £173.50


Prepaid 2020

Subscriptions                -£1,852.00                               -£1,852.00

Outstanding Payments    -£609.89          -£228.99          -£838.88


Total                           £13,862.55        £5,318.60       £19,181.15

Notes to the Accounts:

   It was agreed in Committee to sponsor the LEE VE75 Event both financially and with voluntary actions. As it is being jointly sponsored by LRA and Lee Business Association, it was agreed that LRA would provide the banking facilities and Treasury support.

LRA made a contribution to the financing of the event in the sum of £4,171.89.

    The committee further decided that it was no longer necessary to identify restricted funds, other than the money donated by Councillors specifically for development and maintanance of the Library Garden. Currently this fund stands at £237.67.

   Sales of "A History of HMS Daedalus" were boosted by Wates purchasing 200 copies, one for each of the new houses being built on the site.

   Several new items of equipment were purchased in the year. A new Gazebo, a flag banner and a laminator as well as new items for the annual social event.

   The cost of the annual social event increased this year, compared to previous years, with the new approach to the quality of the food presented. The food and the revised format did generally meet with approval of the membership, so it was felt that the extra expenditure was worthwhile.

   We would like to express our thanks to all those members who renewed their membership before the year end, and of course all those who have done so since.

   Thanks must also go to Ray Harding for organising the "Boost" table top sales and all who attend for their valuable contribution to the finances and the attraction to the High Street.


Membership subscriptions 2019                              £4,125.00

Sales of "A History of Daedalus"                              £3,216.85

"Boost" Table Top Sales                                           £1,199.20

Raffles                                                                    £   313.00

Walks and Talks                                                      £     61.00

Bank Interest                                                           £     86.58

Donations                                                               £     12.00

                           Total                                         £9,013.63


Donation to "LEE VE75 Event"                                   £4,171.89

Newsletter Printing Costs                                           £1,714.50

Purchase of Equipment                                              £1,221.96

Printing Costs (Daedalus Book)                                   £   394.18

Members Social Evening                                            £   647.01

Hall Hire for "Boost" events                                        £   647.63

Hall Hire other                                                          £   323.00

Admin Costs inc Postage                                            £   207.98

Gifts and Donations                                                   £     94.97

Insurance                                                                 £    214.60

Bank charges                                                            £     11.20

                               Total                                        £9,648.92


LRA Opening Balance                           £14,497.84

Surplus / Deficit for the year                  -£    635.29

LRA Closing Balance                              £13,862.55

LEE VE75 Funds held in LRA Bank            £  5,318.60

Total Funds held                                     £19,181.15